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Register for one of our Primer Labs or Workshops to improve your teams understanding of native cloud on Azure and set your business up for success

Our series of primer labs and workshops provide hands on learning with Azure's native cloud capability, providing learning outcomes to apply to your digital estate today. 

Learn from our expert architects how modernising your environment in the cloud can provide immediate impact to your organisation. 

Our labs and workshops will educate you on:

Best practice native cloud architecture patterns and design principles

How to develop a standardised, repeatable plan for native cloud success through application of DevOps best practices and frameworks

How to modernise your data and applications on Azure to improve access to data, analytics and increase innovation

Hands-on experience with native cloud technology that can help improve the success of your cloud modernisation strategy

Choose from workshops, hands on labs or architecture sessions

Wrive Architectural Excellence Framework - Learn from our architects the best practice methods for designing and implementing native cloud solutions

The Secure Cloud Enterprise Data Warehouse (Pattern One) - Get hands on experience with using automation tools to deploy data products in Azure

Cloud Modernisation Workshop (Pattern Two) - Understand the commercial and architectural drivers for moving to a modern cloud platform and get hands on experience modernising legacy applications

ISM Essential Eight - Gain deeper understanding of cyber attacks and how Microsoft's tools can help prevent data exfiltration and adhere to the Australian Government's Information Security Manual compliance standards

Business Process Automation – Gain insights into the state of the BPA industry, develop a business case for identifying target processes for automation and get hands on experience with Microsoft's Power Platform

Defend Against threats with SIEM and XDR Workshop - Work through real scenarios in your digital estate to understand threats and develop a business case for action. Get hands on with Microsoft Defender for Cloud and improve the security posture of your environment in under 15 minutes. 

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