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Threat protection for your critical workloads in multicloud and hybrid environments

Defender for Cloud provides the tools needed to harden your resources, track your security posture, protect against cyber attacks and streamline security management.

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Strengthen the security posture of your Cloud Resources

  • Assess and strengthen the security configuration of your cloud resources

  • Manage compliance against critical industry and regulatory standards

  • Enable threat protection for workloads running in Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform and on premises

  • Detect vulnerabilities to protect your multicloud and hybrid workloads against malicious attacks

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Apply Secure Configuration Standards Across Your Resources

Use built-in policies and prioritized recommendations that are aligned to key industry and regulatory standards or build custom requirements that meet your organization's needs.


Use actionable insights to automate recommendations and help ensure that resources are configured securely and meet your compliance needs.

Attend our webinar and get your free 30 day cyber security assessment.

Extended Detection & Response

Watch Microsoft Defender for Cloud and 365 in action in the video below and understand how you can improve the visibility of your entire digital estate
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All Videos

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