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In their recent report on Top Strategic Technology trends for 2021, Gartner have listed Hyperautomation, the process of automating business process with AI and machine learning, as one of the priority initiatives organizations are undertaking to provide flexibility for remote work, create efficiencies and drive down costs. An extract from the report is provided below.

Read the full report at Garnter's website

Hyperautomation is a process in which businesses automate as many business and IT processes as possible using tools like AI, machine learning, event-driven software, robotic process automation, and other types of decision process and task automation tools.

Organizations are often dragged down by “organizational debt,” which includes technical, process, data, architecture, talent, security and social debt. Collectively this debt affects value proposition and brand. The cause is an extensive and expensive set of business processes underpinned by a patchwork of technologies that are often not optimized, lean, connected or consistent.

"Hyperautomation is irreversible and inevitable. Everything that can and should be automated will be automated."

However, in a world where digital acceleration is the name of the game, business leaders are clamouring for digital operational excellence. This was further accelerated by Resilient delivery COVID-19, which rapidly pushed organizations to allow more remote, digital-first options. Hyperautomation is the key to both digital operational excellence and operational resiliency for organizations. To enable this, organizations had to digitize their documents/artefacts and ensure their business and IT process workflows were digital. They need to automate tasks, processes and orchestrate automation across functional areas.

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