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More than one cloud? No Worries!

Back in October last year at Ignite, Microsoft rebranded to Microsoft Defender for Cloud (from the previously named Azure Security Centre) and along with it came a number of enhancements - such as the quietly announced support for both AWS and GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

With a large portion of organisations today (92% according to Flexera) having a multicloud approach which may include GCP and/or AWS and Azure tenancies, this is quite a compelling benefit.

Microsoft now offer a single solution (The Defender Suite) that spans hybrid, multicloud, 365 tenancies and endpoint, providing comprehensive cyber-security protection and threat intelligence.

Getting up and running with Defender for multicloud is very straight forward. For exmaple, simply plugging in the IAM credentials of the AWS tenant and deploying a cloud formation script, is enough to start sending threat intelligence data to Defender, where you can reap all the benefits of Microsoft's $5 billion annual investment in Cyber Security.

When we deployed it to our honeypot AWS environment, it took as little as 5 minutes to get up and going.

Want help deploying Defender in AWS? Contact our security team.

To find out for yourself, read the Microsoft documentation on deploying to AWS and GCP, here.

Not sure what Defender can do? Check out the videos here or read our whitepapers in our resource centre.

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